Transforming charitable giving with innovative technology

Create relevant, repeatable donation experiences with a range of interactive technology, backed by our simple yet powerful platform.

Our range of products

Delight donors with interactive donation experiences that are hyper-local, highly repeatable and infinitely scalable.

Raise money with a plug-and-play solution that connects to any TV and contactless payment reader, with three video states to attract donors, shout about your cause andsay thank you for donations.

Catch passer-by attention with proximity triggered audio messaging that inspires donations and expresses gratitude for donors’ contactless contributions to your charity.

Inspire donors to give again and again with a truly delightful donation experience, bespoke to your brand. We make your ideas real with our years of rapid prototyping and roll out experience.

Image of the DTV unit
Image of the DTV unit
Image of the DTV unit
Image of the DTV unit
Image of the DTA unit
Image of the DTA unit
Image of the DTA unit
Image of the RNLI Modern Donation Box
Image of the RNLI Modern Donation Box
Image showing the Contactless Car installation for the Stand Up To Cancer charity
Image of a The Hart of London stag installation

Simple yet powerful platform

Encourage and accept contactless donations with a range of interactive technology backed by our simple yet powerful platform.


Track donations and other user interactions

See who’s giving, when, where and how with our easy to use platform, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Device Management

Easily setup and organise any number of devices

Add, remove and manage devices with a click, and scale your donation solution infinitely across your organisation, whether your charity is big or small.

Media Library

A secure space to upload and implement your brand’s assets

Change up content from anywhere via our online dashboard and captivate potential givers, with compelling content which shows why your cause is so important.

How can we help?

Talk to us about increasing contactless donations for your charity using the form below.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What is a DTV/DTA/MDB?

We’ve created a range of devices which trigger delightful donation experiences after a donor makes a contactless payment to your charity.

They are Donation Triggered Video (DTV), Donation Triggered Animator (DTA), or Bespoke (sometimes called Modern Donation Box, or “MDB”).

How do donation triggered devices work?

All of our devices work like a standard HDMI dongle, and plug into any HDMI TV. They also connect to a contactless card reader, like these ones from Payter, a power supply, and a PIR sensor, supplied.

What triggers the donation experience?

The devices have 3 modes - idle, attractor, and thank you. In idle mode, the device waits for a passer-by. This could mean a rolling video in the background, gently illuminated LEDs, or a background soundtrack. This is great if your donation point is part of a museum or shop display, as the idle state is designed to attract passers-by to stop and interact with the donation point.

When someone walks near the donation point, the sensor will trigger an attractor behaviour. It could be a video that showcases your charity and shouts about the reasons that someone should donate to your cause, or it might be the sound of a storm gathering at sea.

What happens when someone makes a donation?

Once a payment is made, the device triggers a thank you. Donors who feel a particular affiliation to a charity will often donate again and again, so this is a way to say a highly local and personal thank you to your donors. A video could show the ways their donation helps people in need, or it could prompt a highly repeatable and fun donation experience, like this life boat donation box for the RNLI, or the Hart of London stag for St James Church Piccadilly.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes minutes to set up, once you have your content. Plug the device and sensor into any HDMI TV, a standard power supply, and a contactless payment reader, and you’re ready to start taking donations.

You can change the videos from anywhere in the world via our dashboard, connect the device to local wifi and start collecting donation data.

Can you make video, audio or DMX content for me?

Many of our clients use their own production partners or in-house content creators, but we work with a network of partners who can help clients create the best content for their devices. If you need help creating content, fill out our contact form and we’ll recommend someone great who we’ve worked with before.

What can I see on the dashboard?

From the device dashboard you can upload and existing content, adjust the settings of each device and monitor usage data. You can also add new devices and group them in order to make wide-ranging changes at the click of a button.

How much does a donation trigger device cost?

You can get a basic device for as little as £499, but we can also help with TV stands, full retail or museum units and signage, or extremely bespoke projects to inspire and delight donors across a range of budgets.

Video hosting, support, access to the dashboard, data insights and access to the content management system is on a subscription basis (£5 per unit per month), but the first year is free with a 2 year contract.

As a product designed to help the charity sector, we try to keep our costs as low as possible for our clients.

What is included with the donation trigger device?

The dongle, HMDI leads, power leaders and PIR sensor are all included. You’ll need to supply your own contactless payment device, like a Payter unit.

Our donation trigger devices can also work with most of the main payment gateways like Goodbox or PAYA.

Why use a donation trigger device?

Donation trigger devices enable charities to engage with potential donors by creating emotional connections and using hyper-localised content. Donors will often favour charities who make a visible difference in their immediate vicinity and who personalise their donation experience.

How big a difference can interactive donation experiences make?

By using interactive donation points, the RNLI increased their donations by 20% - and that was comparing their February low season against August high season norms.

What are your leadtimes of donation trigger devices?

To avoid waste and limit our environmental impact, we make all our devices to order in our UK workshop. This means our leadtimes are usually 2-4 weeks, depending on volumes, but we’ll do everything we can to deliver as soon as possible. If you have a tight deadline, let us know in our contact form.

What’s the difference between DTV, DTA and bespoke?

Our Donation Triggered Video (DTV) enables you to use video content to entice passers-by and encourage donations. The Donation Triggered Animator (DTA), allows you to use a full DMX suite to create a fully interactive audio-visual response to a donation. The DTA is a little more flexible, but also a little more complex.

Bespoke units are built to your specifications by our rapid prototyping experts. With 40 years experience in new product development and specialising in interactive technology, we’re the perfect partner for a range of donation solutions.

I’ve got an idea for a donation box - can you help me build it?

Absolutely! We’re experts in creating delightful donations and we’d love to help make your ideas a reality. Tell us all about your ideas, your challenge or your charity in our contact form and we’ll suggest a solution for you.

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